5 Takeaways from David Cronenberg’s Master Class at the Venice Film Festival

"When it's analog, each generation degrades, somewhat like humans."

David Cronenberg was the man of the hour at this year’s Venice Film Festival, the event’s organizers toasting the acclaimed genre filmmaker with this year’s Golden Lion lifetime achievement award.

“His name became an adjective, just like all the great ones,” Guillermo del Toro, this year’s Venice competition jury president, told the crowd as he presented his friend with the award.

The day before he accepted the honor, the director of The Fly, Dead Ringers, and A History of Violence took questions from an attending audience on his life, career, philosophie,s and thoughts on the future of filmmaking.

It turns out that the man who brought us so many disturbing, horrific onscreen images and sensations of doom is actually….kind of an optimist (at least when it comes to the future of movies). Below are five things we learned from Cronenberg’s Master Class, which you can stream in its entirety.

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