5 Tips on Being a Successful DP From Indie Icon Ed Lachman: ‘Forget About Perfection’

The two-time Oscar nominee stopped by the New York Film Festival to spill the goods.

Edward Lachman's cinematography is considered emblematic of the American independent film movement, having directed his own films and lensed for Todd Haynes, Sofia Coppola, and Steven Soderbergh. What's his modus operandi? Pick authenticity over perfection.

For the 2018 New York Film Festival, Lachman actually came upon the idea, after sitting next to renowned artist and filmmaker JR, to collaborate on with him the poster for this year's festival. In the conversation below, Lachman describes that his work with JR (like all his work as cinematographer and director) rests on the nature of collaboration.

"In the filmmaking process, I'm always collaborating with other people to create images," explained Lachman. "So for me ,there was no great step or ego to want to work with another artist to create this image."

Listen to the full conversation, and check out our takeaways below.

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