9 Essentials to Navigating a Career in Hollywood

A multi-Emmy-winning filmmaker shares some tips on how to build a solid reputation and assure longevity working in the entertainment industry.

The life we’ve chosen comes with a lot of hard work and every day it’s a grind. I don’t think you can ever be satisfied or ‘put it in neutral’ in this industry, as there are just too many hungry and talented filmmakers who are working tirelessly to stake their claim and if you miss a step or stop to smell the roses, you risk getting left behind.

Over the years, I have done a fair amount of consulting which inspired me to write my new book, What You Don’t Learn in Film School: A Complete Guide to (Independent) Filmmaking. What started as a cheat sheet to simply save time when answering commonly asked questions, quickly got loose from me and turned into a 200-page book covering filmmaking from ‘concept to delivery’ and everything in between.

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