Apple Unleashes Robust Functionality for Pros with Final Cut Upgrade

It's good to be a pro these days, thanks to robust upgrades in the pro video space from Apple.

Following hot on the heels of the pro-focused Apple hardware announcement a few weeks back, Apple how now released another upgrade to Final Cut X with even more professionally focused features.

This comes on the heels of the pro update to FCP-X in the spring that included the major release of ProRes Raw (not to mention last year's major release that focused on pros).

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Get Better On Camera Audio with the D3 and D3 Pro from Deity

First shown at NAB, the D3 and D3 Pro on camera microphones from Deity are now shipping.

On-camera microphones are never ideal. If possible, you want a boom microphone close to the subject (or second to that of a lavalier) to get really great audio. But for run and gun shoots, vlogging, and other situations where an on-camera microphone would be very usable, the microphones built into even the best cameras are unfortunately just not very high quality.

That's where on-camera microphones come in, with audio startup Deity now shipping their D3 and D3 pro units (which we first saw at NAB).

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Apple Continues Its Wooing of Professionals with New Mac Mini, MacBook, and iPad Pro

Apple continues its long process of winning back over professional film users with a slate of new releases, the biggest of which is probably the mini.

"Apple doesn't care about pros anymore." For nearly a decade, as Apple put its major attention on mobile users, it was a refrain heard over and over, probably even from us at No Film School. While some pros moved over to PC for the more powerful graphics options and port choice available, many of us stayed with Macs for their ease of use and Final Cut Pro. Premiere and Media Composer have come back strong against Final Cut, meaning that Apple, to keep the lucrative pro market, needs to deliver not just exclusive software (OSX chief among it) but also amazing hardware again. With a Mac Pro not updated since 2013 (that was coming after a long refresh cycle itself) and long in the tooth Mac mini and MacBook Air models, it was time for Apple to refresh.

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We Review the eMotimo Spectrum ST (and Team Up with Adorama to Offer You an Exclusive Group Buy!)

Motion Control is becoming affordable for independent productions with the eMotimo Spectrum ST.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Adorama, we're thrilled to be collaborating on a group buy of the eMotimo spectrum ST4. Continue reading for more details on how you can get involved.

Motion Control is the ability to precisely control a cameras position, be that simple pan and tilt or even it's 3D position in space. The key here is that word precisely. Generally with motion control, the dream is to be able to mix together multiple takes of a shot seamlessly, which means each take needs to make exactly. While this can be done with a simple crop for a locked off shot, it's trickier where there is a camera move, which is something modern filmmakers require.

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Review: The 2018 Macbook Pro

Apple keeps up its active courting of professionals with a revision to the Macbook Pro.

It's no secret that we were not fans of the 2016 Macbook Pro. Previous Macbook Pros had everything most Pros needed without adapters (Thunderbolt! HDMI! Normal USB!), along with the amazing Magsafe power adapter. Going single port (with 4 matching T3/USB3.1 ports) didn't seem like the right move for actual professionals.The keyboard was nightmarishly loud, annoying to type on, and it had serious durability issues due to its design. The marketing around a P3 color gamut of the screen didn't live up to the hype. It didn't offer benefits over and above our legacy NVIDIA powered 2013 MBP, with many tests running the same speed (or even slower) on the 2016 system. The 2017 model was a small update, a slight spec bump, and not enough to look again at the laptop.

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ShareGrid Launches a Buy & Sell Marketplace

The online community rental platform, ShareGrid, is launching a platform for users to buy and sell film gear.

ShareGrid has announced that the company will be launching a buy and sell platform for used camera and film equipment gear. It is designed to offer the protections of other online platforms like eBay, but geared towards a dedicated filmmaking audience.

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Adobe Premiere Rush Makes Editing Anywhere You Want to Be Easier

Download on set, edit on the train ride home, and seamlessly deliver with the new Premiere Rush.

Filmmakers have been dreaming of a "free" workflow for decades. From the first time we could get editing software working on a laptop (and our first question was what kind of hard drive would hold the media), the dream of being able to edit wherever we are—be it on set, on location, in transit, or back at the office—has been a powerful one.

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