Blackmagic Makes Raw Competitive with Its Own Format Designed for Your Ease of Use

In a clear response to the release of ProRes Raw earlier this year, Blackmagic has released its own open, free raw format.

Raw has long been a very proprietary area of the industry. You had RED kicking off the revolution for filmmakers with .r3d Red Raw, you had ArriRaw, and then it seemed like every manufacturer had their own flavor of raw. The exception was CinemaDNG, which was as close as we came to an open raw format, but of course, those files were massive (and the processing required to deal with them was exhausting).

Now, in one year, we have two open raw formats that are designed for ease of use: Apple's ProRes Raw released in April and now Blackmagic Raw, released yesterday.

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NVIDIA Announces New 2080 Cards with Links and 8K Playback Support

The graphics giant has rolled out its 2080 line, promising huge power at affordable prices.

The last decade has seen a tremendous growth in the amount of video processing moving to the graphics card. As resolutions and file sizes have increased, video post has largely handled the size by increasing the power of the GPU, often taking advantage of the NVIDIA CUDA programming model.

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Insta360’s Flagship Camera Gets a Major Revision With a Focus on Live Monitoring

Insta360 is set to continue making waves in the immersive capture space with the new Insta360 Pro 2.

It might be too far to say that the Insta360 Pro killed the Nokia Ozo, but the timing of Nokia putting Ozo out to pasture was certainly close to the release of Insta 360's original 360° capture camera. For its incredible $3500 price point, it's been really hard for anyone to compete with the manufacturer, and now the company is back with a major revision with the Insta360 Pro 2.

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Use Sony NPs to Power Everything with the New Power Junkie

Light manufacturer Blind Spot Gear has released the new Power Junkie accessory to make everything from DSLR shooting to camping easier.

The Sony NP battery is ubiquitous. We don't even own a Sony camera at the moment, yet we have no less than eight Sony NP batteries, used with a multi-plate Watson charger. Why? Becuase they are kind of everywhere in filmmaking. LED lights, Atomos recorders, pretty much anything that needs power uses them. Now, Blind Spot has come out with a handy little adapter that lets you use a Sony NP battery to power anything that works with a USB cable or a 5V charging port: the Power Junkie.

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Field Test: Laowa’s 24mm Macro Lens Offers a New Sense of Scale and Perspective

This odd-looking lens offers a unique perspective on the tiny universe.

When Laowa Optics first teased its new 24mm macro in 2016, we were fascinated by its snorkel design. While periscope and snorkel style systems exist, they are by no means common, and the idea of an affordable snorkel macro that would allow us to focus practically on the front of the lens element (while keeping the background in play) was intriguing.

We were able to play with one for a few days and found it to be a lens that positively changes the way we think about macro work.

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You Can Now Acquire the New Deity S-Mic 2 from Aputure

Aputure continues its expansion into audio with revisions to the Deity line of microphones.

Trying to do multiple things well is tough. Making anything well requires a ton of focus, and that's why a number of companies tend to have one thing it excels at (especially smaller companies in niches like the film industry) rather than several.

That's why when popular lighting brand Aputure expanded into microphones, we were surprised, especially since reports had been so positive. Yes, both lights and microphones are used on set, but sound is its own wildly different universe, dominated by sound-specializing companies. That Aputure has not only done it, but also continues its rapid release cycle with almost yearly updates, is very impressive and the result of having a TV/film location sound mixer as part of the founding team to provide expertise and feedback.

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Fuji Courts Sports and Nature Market with Expanded X Mount Lens Offerings

Fujifilm has announced an expansion for its X series cameras with lenses filmmakers will appreciate.

Fujifilm mirrorless cameras are best known for two main factors, their pleasing color reproduction and their excellent lenses. While they don't have the amazing low light abilities of the Sony A7 line, and they aren't the documentary powerhouses with the 10-bit internal of the GH5, they have found a solid position for themselves in the market for photographers—and increasingly filmmakers—who are focused on accurate skintones and sharp but pleasing lenses.

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Stabilize Your Car Work with the Affordable Killshock From Kessler

With Killshock, Kessler adds another layer to stabilizing a moving camera.

In an ideal world, roads would be perfectly paved, suspension perfectly tuned, and all the hiccups of a road shot would be easily stabilized by a motorized stabilizer like the MoVi or the Ronin. However, in reality, that's often not the case, and rough roads can make their way up through a vehicle, creating enough vibrations to make long lens shots impossible (even on a stabilizer).

That's where vibration dampeners come in. Mounted between the platform—be it a jib, a car mount, or even a boat or helicopter—and the stabilizer, a vibration plate isolates the stabilizers from vibrations, allowing the stabilizing motors to focus on stabilizing the image and allowing DPs to work with longer lenses to create a wider variety of shots. Indiana company Kessler has just released its new, affordable, highly capable dampener: the Killshock.

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Media Composer Gets a Live Timeline and 16K Support

While 16K is the more impressive spec, it's the live timeline that has longtime Media Composer users excited about the latest update.

The venerable editing platform Media Composer has been aggressively improving this year, especially with pricing. The new price point of fully fledged Media Composer is $20/month, and Media Composer Ultimate (which comes with the Symphony color correction tools, Phrase Find and Script Sync all in one package is $50/month. Thus, Avid has positioned Media Composer not just to remain competitive with the high-end clients who love it, but also with independent filmmakers and students who want to take advantage of its robust stability and great shared editing platforms.

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How DP Charlotte Bruus Christensen ‘Photographed Sound’ in Horror Hit ‘A Quiet Place’

Cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen baked the look—and a sense of love and warmth—into the 35mm film of family-driven horror 'A Quiet Place'.

Charlotte Bruus Christensen—a Cannes-winning shooter for her work on 2012's The Hunt—has been justly praised for her atmospheric, beautiful and story-driven work on the recent runaway hit horror film A Quiet Place. In John Krasinski's directorial debut, he stars alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt as a couple who must raise their family in silence lest they evoke the wrath of creatures with hyper-sensitive hearing who have wiped out most of humanity and who hunt through sound.

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