Autel Robotics Adds the New Portable EVO to Its Drone Lineup

Is EVO fresh Karma in a DJI-dominated market?

Just as GoPro announces the end of its participation in the consumer drone market, Autel Robotics, a Washington State-based drone manufacturer has introduced its new foldable drone called the EVO, seemingly taking GoPro Karma's place in the DJI-dominated consumer drone marketplace. In keeping with recent drone designs from its competitors, Autel Robotics' EVO features foldable arms that make the drone easy to carry with you wherever you go. Seems as if we've heard this several times already. So what's new and different about EVO?

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Laibox is Going to Revolutionize the Action Cam

Meet Laibox: the world's first interchangeable lens action camera

Laibox is a new company that is poised to take the action cam market by storm by introducing the world to the first action camera to feature interchangeable lenses. If you've used a GoPro then the Laibox will feel familiar, but with some really cool features in addition to the swappable lenses. The company promises that its design will deliver higher quality, better light capturing ability, more details and greater depth of field—all while minimizing distortion. At the time of this writing, Laibox is a prototype and has already raised over 200% of its Indiegogo campaign and plans to ship its very first units in April, 2018. So what makes Laibox so different from GoPro? Let's take a look.

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Kodak Debuts 360 and 3D Cameras at CES 2018

Will 360 be the future of Kodak's 180?

Kodak built its brand on putting cameras in the hands of "everyday" people. Though it nearly went bankrupt after inventing (but failing to capitalize on) previous investments, the company is still standing, primarily through brand licensing agreements and recent camera releases. It now seems committed to the user-friendly creation and sharing of immersive photos and videos. Will this be Kodak's path toward continued profitability?

The market for consumer 360 cameras is crowded, but Kodak is confident in its Pixpro line, and they were onsite at CES to debut its latest iteration, the Pixpro ORBIT360 4K.

In addition to showing off its new consumer 360 camera, it also showcased two prototype 360 cameras that it hopes to release toward the end of 2018. With technology continuing to facilitate streamlined and friction-free workflows, Kodak remains bullish on the future of immersive photography, citing a belief in increased consumer adoption moving forward.

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3 Cinematography Musts From ‘Game of Thrones’ DP Anette Haellmigk

Collaboration and cooperation reign in Haellmigk's kingdom.

Game of Thrones DP Anette Haellmigk has spent her life in film and video production. Her cinematography career began in 1980 when an avant-garde German filmmaker named Hellmuth Costard offered Haellmigk a job as a first assistant cameraperson. It was in working with Costard that Haellmigk realized that she had found her calling as a cinematographer. According to her Behind the Lens column for, "Cinematography combines the artistic and the technical, which I liked. So I have found my path."

Haellmigk went on to learn as much as she could about cinema cameras and eventually connected with Jost Vacano (DP Das Boot) who mentored her and brought her to the U.S. where their work together continued. When Vacano was asked to DP Robocop and Total Recall, Haellmigk worked alongside him and those opportunities opened doors for her.

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Dell, Seagate, and Sandisk Debut Portable SSDs

Here are five options for blazing fast backup in the field.

Portable backup storage devices seem to be hot commodities at CES this year. With companies like Dell, Sandisk, Seagate, and even DJI throwing their respective hats into the portable storage ring, it seemed like a good time to take a look at several options. While you could, of course, continue to lug your laptop and an external drive into the field in order to transfer and backup your data, you no longer have to. Here are 4 portable SSD backup devices you can throw in your camera bag instead of your laptop.

Dell Performance Portable SSD

These are among the fastest portable SSD you can buy and they're tiny. The pocket-sized Dell Performance Portable SSDs are touted as the "world's most compact Thunderbolt storage devices". Though their tiny size is impressive, the big news is their speed. These drives use the same SSD technology found in Dell's PCs and boast ridiculous transfer speeds faster than 2.6GB/second. These incredible transfer speeds are thanks in part to Dell's implementation of USB-C ports which allow for faster data transfer.

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Upgraded Zoom H1 Makes it Easy to Capture Audio On the Go

This pocket-sized recorder boasts new major features.

Like its predecessor (the H1), the newly overhauled, entry-level H1n from Zoom provides professional audio recording capabilities wherever you go. With a small, sleek design that allows the H1n to fit in your pocket, it's easy to access and doesn't take up too much room.

The one-touch button controls allow you to implement filters and adjust your levels. It's much more user-friendly than having to scroll through a menu in order to find parameters and change settings. The built-in tone and slate generators make calibrating H1n & camera levels simple while allowing you to sync recordings in post.

As with other Zoom products, you can expect professional level quality from the H1n. Its X/Y stereo mics, allowing recordings of up to 24 bit at 96k, means you're not sacrificing quality for portability. Other additions include a large, 1.25" monochromatic screen that's easy to see in bright light, and one-button access to sound processing controls like a limiter and low-cut filter.

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StudioBinder’s Newest Production App is ‘Like Google Calendar for Filmmakers’

A new way to plan your productions visually.

StudioBinder has announced a new program that maps out key production phases for filmmakers and video producers.

Production Calendar, a tool that helps keep your shoots on track, collaborate with teams, and add tasks, will allow you to check the status of your project's various phases in an easy-to-use interface. You're able to design different calendar templates and easily filter calendar elements so you can see your most important tasks quickly and clearly.


Production Calendar includes a number of intuitive features that will serve your production workflow. You can break down productions into milestones—comprised of tasks—and assign tasks that can be updated/changed when schedule-altering events spring up. You can even share your professional-looking calendar with clients at a moment's notice.

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Yuneec Reveals Typhoon H Plus Drone

Can this "Pro" drone rival DJI's Phantom 4 Pro?

The drone-producing company Yuneec has announced a new addition to its professional line: the Typhoon H Plus. Increasing the sensor resolution from 12 to 20MP and doubling the 4k frame rate from 30 to 60, the company says its new Typhoon H Plus is aimed at the professional drone operator market.

In addition to an improved camera, the Typhoon H Plus has six motors reported as being 40% quieter than typical hex-copters. Boasting sophisticated obstacle-avoidance and tracking sensors that harness both GPS and visual data, it keeps it on track and out of harm's way. The Typhoon H Plus also features (and ships with) a redesigned remote control with an integrated 7" screen. This will display the 720p streaming preview and drone flight data.

Finally, much like the Typhoon H, the H Plus features a 360-degree gimbal, allowing the camera to move independently from the drone's heading. The question remains: will these upgrades be enough to give DJI's popular Phantom 4 Pro marketplace competition?

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DJI and Seagate Unveil the DJI Copilot with 2TB Capacity

Will the DJI Copilot end up in your flight kit?

After announcing the Fly Drive last year, DJI and Seagate have gone ahead and debuted the DJI Copilot at CES 2018 this week. While the DJI Fly Drive offered roomy, affordable 2TB capacity under $400, the DJI Copilot offers all that and more, now allowing the user to manage data on the drive itself (via the Copilot BOSS app).

The DJI Copilot also allows you to copy or transfer the files from a micro SD card—or Type-A USB connected device—while monitoring transfer progress on the Copilot's built-in display. Once transferred, you can preview your footage in full resolution on a smart device (again, via the Copilot BOSS app.)

The Copilot will now double as a charging station for your iPad/iPhone.

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Nikon Enters 180-400mm Super Zoom Lens Into the Telephoto Race

Will this super telephoto lens dominate sports and wildlife?

It seems as though super telephoto lenses are all the rage right now. In the last year, we've seen new super telephotos from Panasonic, Tamron, and Sony. Now it seems it's Nikon's turn, as the company has just announced its brand new AF-S Nikkor 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR at CES 2018. This super telephoto lens also comes equipped with a built-in 1.4x teleconverter which extends the zoom range to 560mm at the flick of a switch.

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