Where Is My Ad Running?

A conversation about trust and transparency in digital video advertising from New York Advertising Week

You’re a media buyer. You’re trying to place a video ad online. It goes into the rabbit hole of agencies, ad exchanges, servers, data aggregators, and a myriad of other agents before it makes it to the consumer. At the end of it all, you’re left wondering, Where did my ad actually run?

At New York Advertising Week’s panel “Programmatic Video in the Converged World,” September 28, 2017, industry experts from across the online video landscape—including JW Player COO Bill Day—explored how the latest trends in digital advertising impact trust and transparency in the ad ecosystem.


With the rise of automation through programmatic advertising, marketers have less control over how, when, and where their ads appear. Sometimes these ads end up on sites and placements that compromise brand safety. As Shenan Reed, President of MEC Global, summed up, a chief concern for buyers is: “Are my media dollars really working for me?”

This “whole new world” of digital advertising has “created more questions,” said Phil Cowlishaw, Head of Advertising Cloud Consulting Solutions at Adobe. “Not just about CPM (cost per thousand impressions), but what is the user journey? Did the ad drive conversion or was the person going to convert anyway?”

Middlemen complicate the process. “There are many layers to the onion,” said Day.  When an ad passes through several hands on its way to the publisher, the risk of false impressions increases.

Combating fraud is “everybody’s job,” said Reed. One way that panelists lauded was the recent partnership between Trade Desk and White Ops to block false impressions before purchase and clean up fraudulent ad inventory.

Another key step in combating fraud? A mutual acknowledgement from publishers and advertisers that the problem affects both and not only the buy-side. “If you’re a seller (publisher),” Day continued, “you have to understand you must be vigilant too.”

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Creating “Thumb-Stopping Moments” in Video

Insights from JW Player’s “How to Become a Video First Business” Panel at New York Advertising Week

When the digital landscape is saturated with click-or-swipe videos, how do you create the “thumb-stopping moment” that keeps your audience tapped into your content?

JW Player CEO, Dave Otten, explored this question as moderator of the “How to Become a Video First Business” panel at New York Advertising Week on Thursday, September 28, 2017. By interviewing executives from Business Insider, LittleThings, and Index Exchange, he uncovered tips and takeaways on successfully transitioning from a traditional, “article-first” publisher to one that embraces video’s central role in content and marketing strategy.



For panelists, becoming a video first business was all about building a superior user experience combined with a robust ad strategy. Among their insights:


  • Figure out what truly resonates with your audience. “It’s an iterative process,” said Jana Meron, VP of Programmatic & Data Strategy at Business Insider, on curating “reader-first” stories that are most relevant to her company’s segments.
  • Bring your videos in-house. Justin Festa, Chief Digital Officer at LittleThings, said his company took control of their own videos with JW Player rather than third-parties that took significant cuts in revenue for ad delivery and playback. They were able to combine this in-house strategy with social media giants like Facebook to drive traffic to videos.
  • Tell the story ahead of the video. Thumbnail optimization and closed captioning can seed interest before users click ‘play.’
  • Repurpose. Clip existing content and fit them to various platforms, e.g. 35 minutes on OTT, 2- to 3-minute native videos on Facebook, or 10-15 seconds on Instagram.
  • Champion transparency in the ad ecosystem. Trust is going to be a major theme in the ad landscape, said Jourdain-Alexander Casale, VP of Strategy at Index Exchange. If you are unsure whether your impressions are authentic or why your pricing rates don’t match ad inventory, invest in tools like ads.txt, which is helping to improve transparency in digital advertising.
  • When it comes to ads, less is more. In-stream pre-rolls are key, but don’t over do it. As Festa said, “When you create a better user experience, the dollars will follow.”


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The post Creating “Thumb-Stopping Moments” in Video appeared first on JW Player.