Encoding.com introduces new and advanced features for media workflows

We’ve compiled an overview of Encoding.com’s new and advanced media processing features that can enhance your own media workflow by improving quality, reducing cost and increasing device compatibility.



We are excited to announce Encoding.com’s Video QC as a service. No need to purchase and manage expensive and antiquated on premise quality control software. Using Encoding.com’s API, you can automate your QC job management by simply adding the QC flag to your new transcoding job requests. Learn more here encoding.com/qc .

Advanced fMP4 Workflows 

Support for fMP4 segments within the HLS and DASH adaptive bitrate standards means that you can save costs by no longer having to transcode into both TS and fMP4 and can now reference the same video segments with two different manifests .m3u8 and .mpd. Encoding.com makes this easy by offering fMP4 transcoding and duel manifest generation in a single job request. To integrate and test this feature today visit our API docs or try our fMP4 HLS or DASH or MSS reference files.


Within Apple’s updated support for the next generation HEVC codec was support of HEVC within the HLS adaptive bitrate specification.  This means that you can now deliver HEVC within fMP4 segments in HLS streams. To integrate HEVC with HLS into your workflow today visit our API docs or test our HEVC / HLS reference files.

Intermediate Transcoding and Packaging Workflows

A new workflow designed to future proof your adaptive bitrate stack is here.  With Encoding.com’s repackaging workflows you can now transcode your source assets into your choice of two intermediate formats, MPEG TS or CMAF compliant fMP4. These intermediate segments are delivered to a storage location (S3, Azure, Google, FTP or Aspera) that you maintain and can be used as the source assets for our new repackaging API call. This repackaging job request will package and segment your intermediate content into any of the adaptive bitrate formats that Encodng.com supports today HLS/DASH/MSS.  Since packaging is significantly faster and less computing intensive than transcoding, we charge 30% of the combined  transcoding and packaging per GB rates. The advantage of this workflow is that you can transcode once, while maintaining the flexibility to change your packaging parameters at any time in the future. For example, you can add a new bitrate layer, change versions of HLS to support a new feature, or add DAI to your ABR manifests.

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Encoding.com Launches their Cloud Quality Control Service

Encoding.com continues its quest to migrate large-scale video pipelines to the Cloud.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- October 18, 2017-  Encoding.com, the most trusted cloud-based video processing service for the media and entertainment market, has introduced the first Video QC as a Service in the cloud. The new service will enable content providers to offload their video quality control infrastructure, and, alternately, utilize the cloud based API service from Encoding.com. Content providers and distributors can now automate their video QC job management and reporting pipelines through Encoding.com’s highly scalable and efficient cloud service. Users have the option to run over 50 individual QC validations at the time of transcoding and packaging or use the Encoding.com Video QC service on assets that have already been processed.

All of the QC checks requested will be performed on the same compute node as transcoding and packaging to save time, friction and money when compared to manual transfers of media to a separate QC system. Some of the services include:

  • General Validations including output size, duration, bitrate,captions and file size
  • Video Validations including frame rates, codecs, aspect ratio, level
  • Audio Validations including bitrate, codec, channels, channel layout
  • Manifest Validations including version numbers, declarations, encryption, discontinuity tags
  • API web service for complete integration into CMS/MAM/DAM platforms for production and broadcast workflows

Encoding.com will continue to add new validations and features to the QC service based on user feedback and requirements.

“The Quality Control function has lagged behind other media processing functions and has remained an expensive, manually operated on premise step within an otherwise automated media processing workflow.  Automating the QC function by moving it to the cloud and pairing tightly with transcoding and packaging workflows is the obvious future and will save our customers time and money and improve the overall quality of video reaching end viewers.“ says Greggory Heil, CEO at Encoding.com.


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Encoding.com Releases a New and Improved Statistics Portal

We are very excited to share with you our new and improved statistics portal in the customer UI. We have added a number of upgrades to the page, which we’re sure you’ll find extremely useful.

Customers now can view their overall and customized usage by type of service all in one portal, with the ability to download results to excel for further analysis and insights.

Take a look at the new dashboard below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.16.41 AM

You can now see your monthly and overall usage by type and costs, giving you a more concise look at your spending and invoices.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.53.28 AM

You can also now view your usage creating customized time frames..do you need to look at your usage from the last day? From the last quarter? Well, you now can easily can pull any desired time frame.

You also have the ability to search by type of usage; live, vid.ly, reserved instances, etc, if you want to take a deeper dive into one area of your encoding with us.

In addition for all prepay plans, you can now see your expected date of usage to hit 100%, which can help you budget for the year and anticipate future costs.

As mentioned, we’ve also made it easier for you to analyze your data, offering you the ability to now download your results to excel for closer or customized looks at your usage . All you need to do is click on the X button to download your results to excel.

Take a look at the new page to get a better look at your data usage. Contact us with any questions.

Encoding.com Founders

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Support for NetApp Hybrid Cloud Storage

We now offer support for NetApp Hybrid Cloud Storage solutions for Amazon S3. This is in addition to our always growing list of source and destination locations. This solution is ideal for existing NetApp customers, as it combines the best of NetApp storage with the flexibility and scale of Amazon S3 storage. Support for this feature is available in our Public, Reserved, and Hybrid Cloud offerings immediately.

The correct syntax for a NetApp/S3 Hybrid source or destination can be found below. For more information, please reference our API docs.


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