GoPro is Officially Done With Drones

Once the remaining Karma inventory is gone, GoPro will leave the drone market.

2017 was a rough year for GoPro. Its big product, the Hero6, didn't perform nearly as well as the action camera company expected, even after a rather sizeable price drop from $499 to $399. In a press release which dropped earlier this morning, the full repercussions were detailed.

While the company will undergo some major restructuring (reducing its global workforce from 1,254 employees to fewer than 1,000 employees worldwide), the major bombshell was that they would no longer be pursuing a stake in the drone industry. Not only will they halt production of their flagship Karma drone, they will be exiting the competition entirely.

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The Playback

Top headlines and news across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player


  • Apple Joins Alliance for Open Media: What Does it Mean?  (Streaming Media) “While Apple’s technical motives might be simple, their strategic motives appear more complicated: If it wants to build a video service that competes with Netflix and Amazon, it has to deliver to all devices, not just its own.”





  • The Need for Speed in a Changing Media Landscape (Streaming Media)The explosion in video content—along with a whole new array of video categories like VR, AR, and MR—means that technology needs to move faster than ever to keep up.”



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5 Ways Hiring a Drone Operator Can Save You Time and Money

Drone operators can do more than you think.

Filmmakers instinctively think of drones being used to get high, wide, establishing shots or as cameras that can be positioned in places traditional equipment cannot. But a knowledgeable and skilled drone operator knows how to go beyond the obvious and use their drone to do a lot more than capture high establishing shots. As such, there are many ways that hiring a professional drone operator for your next production can help you save time and money. Here are five of them.

1. Use a drone for dolly & jib shots

Drones can move right, left, forward and backward in a straight line all while carrying cameras stabilized by 3-axis gimbals. They can produce smooth, consistent moving shots that mimic the movements of legacy filmmaking equipment. This saves you money in two ways. First, you don't have to rent a dolly, track, and pay a crew to set it up, operate it, and tear it down. Secondly, you'll stretch the value of your drone operator's day rate by having them capture some of the traditional shots as well as the obvious drone shots.

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Best of the 2017 No Film School Podcast Interviews: Part 2

Our countdown continues with more of the excellent advice we heard in 2017.

It’s officially a new year but we’re still not over how great our podcasts turned out in 2017. I’ve been sifting through all of the fifty plus interviews we did to find the best advice from some of the year’s most notable names in independent film to bring you these "Best Of" episodes.

Last year, we started doing interview podcasts every single week in addition to our Indie Film Weekly episodes. We’ve had tons of great guests from Sean Baker to Flying Lotus and everything in between. And as I said in our list of the year's 15 most popular episodes, we’re all really proud of the type of resource this podcast has become.

In the first volume of our “Best Of” episodes, we heard from Flying Lotus. Gillian Robespierre, Brett Gelman and more. Today you’ll hear selections from Sean Baker, Ruben Ostlund, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment and the first family of DIY, and Parker Smith.

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Golden Globes 2018 Winners: ‘Three Billboards’ Goes Home with 4 Wins, Including Best Drama

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" was the big winner tonight.

The 75th Golden Globes was about more than just awards tonight. We saw a near-perfect microcosm of the current social and political landscape, with new victories in progress fighting against the old order that has stuck to the industry like gum on the bottom of a producer’s Bruno Magli.

The victories: Some of the biggest names in Hollywood wearing black to bring awareness to sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The gum: Female and minority directors, including Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), Dee Rees (Mudbound), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), and Jordan Peele (Get Out), being shut out for Best Director. (Also, Get Out is most certainly not a comedy or a musical.)

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Watch: History’s Best Movie Characters from A to Z

Can you guess all of the characters that appear in this supercut?

Man, there are so many great movie characters. From admirable heroes like Rocky and Aragorn to dastardly villains like Darth Vader and The Joker, it's so easy to get swept away by all of the fantastically complicated and beautifully multi-dimensional individuals created in the minds of history's greatest storytellers.

If you want to test your knowledge of history's greatest characters (or just want to sit back and appreciate those that have graced the silver screen), check out "Best Characters AtoZ," an entertaining little supercut that is not only a lot of fun to watch, but is also a pretty good refresher of some of cinema's most memorable heroes and villains.

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A Cinematographer’s Best Friend: How to Use a Light Meter

Light meters are one of the most helpful and powerful tools that DPs have at their disposal, but how exactly do you use them?

As a cinematographer, light is your most important material for crafting your scenes, but it can be a very tricky thing to have control over. This is why it's so important to understand how to use a light meter, a device that helps you determine proper exposure and the best light level for a particular scene. In this video from Aputure, DP Julia Swain not only explains how light meters work but also shows you how to use them when you're trying to come up with the optimum lighting setup for a shot. Check it out below:

There are a number of different ways to measure light, including using monitors with a variety of scopes (waveform, histogram, zebra), but using light meters is a relatively quick and easy way to determine exposure to get the lighting setup your scene needs.

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5 Cuts You Should Always Have in Your Editing Arsenal

These cuts are the building blocks of editing, so knowing them is absolutely essential.

There are countless techniques you're going to need to know as an editor, but perhaps one of the most important one you're going to learn during your career is how to use cuts. These things are the fundamentals of continuity editing, and while a simple cut from one shot to another will more often than not be your go-to method, there are several others you should know about and master if you want to take your editing skills to the next level. Editor Justin Odisho explains and demonstrates some of them in the video below.

If you're an experienced editor, no doubt you've used or at the very least heard about these cuts before. However, if you're brand new to the game, these will definitely open new doors to your creativity.

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A Cannes Winner, Missing Children, Jon Hamm & More Trailers You May Have Missed

Staying on top of the trailer circuit is a full-time job in and of itself. We're here to help. Step Sisters (dir. Charles Stone III)

The world of women's collegiate stepping receives a comedic and topical twist in the latest from Drumline director Charles Stone III. Tasked with having to teach an all-white, flighty sorority house how to step for an upcoming charity competition, an African-American student swallows her pride as she simultaneously balances team-building with proving that she's not a sell-out to steppers of her own race. If these white girls can ace the competition (and keep away from incessant partying and in-house fighting), their instructor will receive entry into Harvard. Although I'm not sure if that's exactly how the Harvard admissions office conducts their acceptances, it sure sets an interesting plot into motion. This feels like a thematic cross between Legally Blonde and Bring It On, and if its choreography gives off Pitch Perfect vibes, that makes sense: Step Sisters shares their choreographer, Aakomon Jones. Release Date: January 19, 2018, via Netflix

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5 Useful Gear Rental Insights from ShareGrid’s 2017 Data

ShareGrid has analyzed its year and opened up a whole world of useful info for filmmakers.

Camera rental has long been an opaque area for information. You would hear anecdotal evidence like "Those lenses are hot," or "those camera bodies just sit on the shelf," but if you didn't work in a rental house it was hard to know how much of that was stories and how much of it was actionable truth. Why does that info matter? Well, you are way more likely to get a deal on a camera or tool that isn't super popular, and if you are thinking about rental income being part of your strategy for paying off your gear, knowing what is actually hot is worth investigating.

There is a whole host of new data available about what cameras people are actually using.

With the rental market moving out of individual houses and onto platforms, there is a whole host of new data available about what cameras people are actually using. We had a conversation with Brent Barbano at online rental platform ShareGrid about the company's 2017 year-in-review to glean a few insights based on this information.

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