Forrester Infographic: What Are the Savings and Benefits of Using the JW Player Solution?

Quantifying the financial impact of adopting a new technical solution is extremely challenging. The buying process tasks publishers with complicated product trials, and translating them into real world results is tricky and often unreliable.

Luckily, we have commissioned Forrester Consulting, an independent research firm, to evaluate the Total Economic Impact™ of JW Player and calculate the value JW customers have experienced by using our solution. This infographic highlights the tangible benefits that impact the bottom and top line of publishers using JW Player.



Click the infographic to see more!

If you are interested in learning more about the Total Economic Impact of JW Player, you can read the full report here. Additionally, watch our webinar with Forrester and Business Insider to see how JW Player drives results for real world publishers.


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Watch: Why De-Aging and Resurrecting Actors Digitally is Dumb and Makes No Sense

Please, for the love of god, somebody make it stop.

Look, digital technology in film has come a long way. Movies like Favreau's The Jungle Book and even Cameron's Avatar make wonderful use of CGI in creating beautifully realistic animals and locations. So let's just stop there, because realistically re-creating humans has proven to be a whole other ball game.

Now, let's hone in on the issue a little bit. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button showed us how easy it is to make people look older, but making them younger is still, to this day, an entirely different case. It's hard. The results are often terrible, and at least for me, take me out of the world of the film entirely.

As the narrator in Fandor's video essay below puts it, "the difference between flesh and blood and code and pixels is painfully evident."

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With New Service ‘Drip,’ Kickstarter Aims to Make Filmmaking More Sustainable

Kickstarter’s new tool allows creators to fund and build community around their ongoing projects.

"Kickstarter is for projects; Drip is for people."

That's Kickstarter's tagline for Drip, its new service, launching today. Built as a tool to empower "serial online content creators" on an ongoing basis, Drip enables filmmakers to receive sustained support from their audiences. In return, filmmakers open the door to their processes, allowing subscribed audience members direct access to notes from production, in-progress cuts, and a system of rewards. Filmmakers decide whether to charge subscribers on either a project-by-project or monthly basis and can design multiple subscription tiers. According to Kickstarter, Drip is poised to become a powerful audience-building tool for filmmakers—as well as an opportunity to receive continuous financial support.

Drip provides an opportunity for filmmakers to receive continuous financial support.

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The Playback

Top headlines and news across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player





  • As branded content pivots to video, publishers face new challenges (DigiDay)
    “Brand and agency executives alike say they’re seeing more video creators and studios including Bravo Media, which touts such clients as HBO and Unilever; and talent agencies like CAA, which has done work for Chipotle, all of them angling to get a piece of the branded video content pie.”


  • One year in: What The New York Times learned from its 360-degree video project, The Daily 360 (Digiday)
    360-degree video is growing, but it represents a sliver of digital video consumption as a whole. Combined, 360-degree video accounted for 4.5 billion views on Facebook and YouTube through the first ten months of this year, according to Tubular Labs data. By comparison, the top 10 Facebook video publishers accounted for 14.5 billion views on Facebook in September alone.


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JW Player Named on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500™

Joining the ranks of the 500 fastest-growing tech companies in North America

We’re thrilled to announce that, for the first time, JW Player has been recognized as one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ for 2017. This is an exciting milestone for our company and a reflection of our commitment to our clients’ success each and every day.

This prestigious honor spotlights 500 of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy tech companies in North America. We’re proud to come in at #248 with revenue growth of 381% over the last three years.

A big driver for this growth has been our laser focus on solving our publishers’ digital video challenges. Expanding audiences, building engagement, and strengthening monetization—all are critical goals we continuously help our customers reach with our industry-leading, network-independent video solutions.

We take this mission so seriously that in this year alone, we’ve hired nearly 100 people to support our clients around the world. Our office is abuzz with people working around the clock to help you deliver, grow, and monetize your video content more effectively than ever before.

So here’s to another year of continued partnership, shared success, and an even more powerful suite of solutions to help you become a video-first publisher.



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The post JW Player Named on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500™ appeared first on JW Player.

Tutorial: How to Get the Anamorphic Look Without the Anamorphic Lens

Maybe you don't need an anamorphic lens to achieve the look.

The anamorphic look is sexy as hell; the elliptical bokeh shape, shallower depth of field, and, of course, those classic horizontal lens flares. And even though anamorphic lenses can often be too expensive for some low-budget filmmakers to get their hands on them, there are ways to replicate a few of their most desired aesthetic qualities. In this video, filmmaker Brandon Li shows you two ways to do just that. Check it out below:

DIY anamorphic filter

You know those "cookie cutter" filters that change the shape of your bokeh balls? Well, instead of cutting hearts and stars, you cut an oval to mimic that anamorphic bokeh effect. No, this won't produce any horizontal lens flares, which is one of the most distinguishing features of shooting anamorphic, but it's definitely a start.

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Download Screenplays for ‘Mudbound’, ‘mother!’, ‘Okja’ and More Award Contenders

Get a head start on your weekend reading with these Oscar hopeful screenplays.

We may be four months out from the Oscars broadcast (yes, four months), but award campaigns are shifting into high gear ahead of the holiday season, and today we have a brand new batch of screenplays available for free, legal download for your consideration, thanks to Netflix, Paramount, and Bleecker Street, including a handful of films that have yet to be released.

Before we get to the screenplay download links, let's take a look at each of the film's trailers.

Dee Rees' much-anticipated Mudbound, arriving in theatres and on Netflix on November 17, tells the story of two farming families both at odds with one another and pulled together in the Jim Crow South during World War II.

Darren Aronofsky's mother! polarized critics and confounded audiences with its allegorical tale. Here's the trailer, but don't expect to figure out the story from this (maybe the screenplay will shed some light on the matter).

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15 Creative Shots You Can Get by Hacking Your Tripod

The best camera stabilizer is the one you have with you. (And that's usually a tripod.)

As far as stabilizers go, tripods might seem pretty vanilla at first glance. I mean, their entire job is basically to keep your camera propped up and stationary, which is a far cry from the sexy acrobatics of a gimbal or death-defying aerial feats of a drone. However, if you look a little closer, those three-legged fuddy-duddies have a lot more kink than you might realize. In the videos below, Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom shows you just how versatile your boring old tripod actually is by demonstrating fifteen creative shots you can capture with one.

There are so many ways to use a tripod—so many that it feels like if all you're doing with it is plopping your camera on it and doing a few pans and tilts, you're using it wrong. To be honest, I've never tried the vast majority of these clever ideas (which just goes to show how inventive and creative I am), but knowing how to pull them off with your tripod gives you so many options when deciding how to shoot different scenes.

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Get Your Hands on the Steadicam Volt Smartphone Gimbal Now for Under $200

High-end stabilization for your smartphone camera from the industry pioneer has arrived.

With several gyro stabilized gimbals already competing in the marketplace, Steadicam is getting into ring with the new Volt, a handheld motorized stabilizer for smartphones and GoPros. Started with a Kickstarter earlier this year, the Volt is now shipping to the mass market for $199. While that is a bit pricier than some of the rivals in this space, the Volt has a few standout features that might make it worth the upgrade.

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