Watch: How to Effectively Use a Smartphone in Your Movie

Do smartphones provide filmmakers with the opportunities to organically incorporate technology into their stories?

Whether filmmakers like it or not, smartphones are here to stay. I'd even hazard a guess that a similar sentence has been written about most of the technological developments that have accompanied the growth of the movies. While some films have used these devices in, shall we say, less than exemplary fashion, this essay from Luís Azevedo and Beyond the Frame argues that this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, the ubiquitous gadgets can actually present a unique narrative opportunity.

Tracing the evolution of communication technology through the past century of film, Azevedo finds that, "while the phone [in film] has been used creatively, the smartphone has brought about a whole new set of problems." For instance, there is always the question of how to depict text messages in film and TV, with the worry being that, as with all things of-the-moment that pertain to technology, a few years will render what looks cool now as hopelessly outdated (and this worry is not unfounded.)

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‘Wildling’ Director Fritz Böhm on How You Can Humanize Dark Fairy Tales

This frightening story of a woman in captivity proves appearances can be deceiving.

Wildling is blessed with three leads wholly absorbed in their characters. Bel Powley (The Diary of a Teenage Girl) plays Anna, a young woman who has been in captivity since birth. As the film starts up, Anna suddenly finds herself free, if under somewhat grisly circumstances. Her captor/kidnapper, mesmerizingly played by Brad Dourif, has frightened her since she was a baby, reciting tales of a woodland monster called The Wildling, from whom he protects her by keeping her door locked.

Once freed, Anna finds herself in the hands of a calm and caring police officer who takes her in (played by a very understated Liv Tyler). As Anna begins to live a life out of captivity, she discovers that she has more connection with the dreaded Wildling than she might have thought.

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Apply to Firelight Media’s Documentary Lab to Tell The Stories That Shape Our Worldview

In a world filled with pressing issues, here's your chance to shine a light on one of them.

Given our current news cycle of constant information and misinformation overload, it can be difficult to get to the heart of the personal, individual stories of those most affected. These stories are often drowned out by the people in power who dictate which stories to tell and how to tell them. Thus, it's just as important to take note of who stands behind a camera as it does who stands in front of it.

As the personal grows even more political in 2018, the question must be asked (to quote a lyric from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton): "Who tells your story?"

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The Playback

Top headlines and news across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player



  • YouTube To Suspend Third-Party Ad Serving In The EU (AdExchanger) YouTube will no longer support third-party ad serving on reserved buys in Europe beginning May 21, and it will assess whether to extend that policy globally, according to a memo obtained by AdExchanger.


  • Publishers are treating Instagram Stories like episodic TV (DigiDay) If Instagram ever adds its version of Facebook Watch, Bustle will be prepared. The publisher is among the media companies independently producing episodic series for their own Instagram Stories and selling brands on sponsoring these shows in the same way TV networks pitch their programs.


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A Remembrance: Milos Forman’s Meteoric Impact on Global Cinema

The famed 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' director and multi-award-winner had a unique sensibility steeped in the Czech new wave that he helped create.

Miloš Forman's filmography hardly needs to be reiterated, it's practically legendary. The child of an innkeeper who died in the Holocaust and an architect he wouldn't meet until well into his life, Forman was ten when he lost everything he had. Raised by whichever family and friends could afford to take care of him before being sent to a boarding school, the young Czech survivor grew into an Academy Award-winning director whose movies are known the world over.

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Tutorial: 10 Tips to Use Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro Most Effectively

Have some shaky video? No problem. Here's how you can deal with it in Premiere Pro.

If you ever wanted to get the most out of Premiere Pro 's Warp Stabilizer effect (but were unsure of the best way to do it), you've come to the right place. My tutorial begins with the basics and walks you through everything you need to know about this visual effect, ranging from how to use Warp Stabilizer presets to how to successfully implement the effect within a Proxy Workflow. First, check out my video breakdown below and then read on for additional, step-by-step tips that I hope you will find helpful.

1. How to shoot for Warp Stabilization

To shoot for using Warp Stabilization, you should:

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When Non-Linear is the Best Way to Structure a Documentary

What if you have an amazing story to tell, but it doesn't work as a traditional documentary?

Take a cue from Hervé Cohen's immersive web-doc to see what happens when you let the viewer decide how to view a story, in what order, and from whose perspective. For Cohen, the result is Life Underground, an interactive documentary where you can travel through over 14 city subways across the world, by geographic orientation, or by themes like 'love,' 'migration,' or 'aging.' If you come across a character who seems intriguing, take a detour and unlock more about that person. While a subway car may travel in a line, your film need not.

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How to Get a Vimeo Staff Pick with DANIELS, Kirsten Lepore, and Head Curator Sam Morrill

The time to put your short online is now.

The landscape for short films is changing quickly. One might say we're entering a "Golden Age," where content is being taken seriously and you can even make money off of a five-minute video...if you get the right eyes on it.

Traditionally, getting those views used to be all about submitting your project onto the festival circuit. This also came with the stipulation that you couldn't exhibit your project online or anywhere else if you wanted to make it in.

That's not the case anymore.

It's occurred to me that many of our audience may not know just how valuable a Vimeo Staff Pick can be to your career. The distinction, which celebrated its tenth anniversary at SXSW this year, can lead not only to massive exposure but gigs from brands, producers and even music companies. You can really make a name for yourself if you're one of the 3-4 projects selected every day.

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Vaxis Introduces the Storm 500+ and 1000+ Zero-Delay Wireless Video Systems

These wireless transmitters from Vaxis give you 500-ft and 1000-ft of range without all the bulk.

Vaxis showed off several of its zero-delay wireless video systems at NAB. The Storm 500+ is a wireless video transmitter that boasts a 500' range, no compression, time code, built-in HDMI-SDI converter, and a brand new OLED screen. Its big brother, the Storm 1000+ Mini, gives you all of the features of the 500+ but with double the range. It's also designed to be smaller and more lightweight.

The company also displayed its integrated monitor and receiver, which will be released later this month for $2599. (If you pre-order, you'll get a free transmitter in the deal.) As of right now, Vaxis doesn't have North American distribution yet, but soon they will be offering its products through B&H, so stay tuned.

No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2018 is brought to you by Adorama, My RØDE Reel, and Blackmagic Design.

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Pond5’s AI Lets You Find the Stock Footage You Want with Pictures

It's difficult to find the right stock footage for your project, and Pond5 knows it.

Over at the Pond5 booth at NAB, we got the chance to chat with CRO Jeffrey Wilks about the stock footage company's interesting approach to making its videos more accessible and easy to find. According to Wilks, Pond5 uses AI to allow users to locate the kind of stock you want using images rather than keywords to search. Which is great, because many times it's difficult to find the exact words to find what you're looking for, whereas with images, well, they're worth a thousand words.

But perhaps the most impressive search tool over at Pond5 is its "Live Search" (a.k.a. "Mobile Search"), which allows users to take a picture or video of a location they like, send it over to Pond5, and receive licensed images and videos of that exact location in real-time. This is a super helpful tool for those who either don't have permission to shoot a certain recognizable location or don't have the time, energy, or money to capture, say, a drone shot of a notable skyline or monument.

Head on over to Pond5 to learn more.

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