Dell, Seagate, and Sandisk Debut Portable SSDs

Here are five options for blazing fast backup in the field.

Portable backup storage devices seem to be hot commodities at CES this year. With companies like Dell, Sandisk, Seagate, and even DJI throwing their respective hats into the portable storage ring, it seemed like a good time to take a look at several options. While you could, of course, continue to lug your laptop and an external drive into the field in order to transfer and backup your data, you no longer have to. Here are 4 portable SSD backup devices you can throw in your camera bag instead of your laptop.

Dell Performance Portable SSD

These are among the fastest portable SSD you can buy and they're tiny. The pocket-sized Dell Performance Portable SSDs are touted as the "world's most compact Thunderbolt storage devices". Though their tiny size is impressive, the big news is their speed. These drives use the same SSD technology found in Dell's PCs and boast ridiculous transfer speeds faster than 2.6GB/second. These incredible transfer speeds are thanks in part to Dell's implementation of USB-C ports which allow for faster data transfer.

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