Editing Masterclass: Here Are 5 Lessons from the Ruthless Werner Herzog

Let's have a look at some insights about film editing from the extraordinary filmmaker, Werner Herzog.

If there's one filmmaker that takes his craft to the extreme, it's Werner Herzog. For example, he moved a ship over a mountain because otherwise, he would be the "man with no dreams." Yes, that's what he said. He went through the minefield walking in from on the cameraman to get the shots he wanted. He also threatened Klaus Kinski with death to get him back on the set and I believe he really meant it.

He directed numerous movies that will be remembered for ages. Among many, we could mention Grizzly Man, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, Fitzcarraldo, or his latest documentary available on Netflix Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World.

You may recall from an article about the eye-trace in fast-paced sequences that the average shot duration for his films in the past 20 years is about 21 seconds, which is very long in comparison to other directors. What he puts on the screen is sometimes bizarre, sometimes weird, but it’s always thought-provoking.

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