Encoding.com Selected in the Streaming Media Top 100


Encoding.com is very pleased to announce we have been selected by the editors of Streaming Media magazine as a member of their annual Streaming Media 100 list. This inclusion solidifies our standing as a leader in the media processing space, and we are very excited to be on the prestigious list.

“While the big streaming services and tentpole events get all the attention technology creators and partners often toil behind the scenes to make it all happen. The Streaming Media 100 is our annual attempt to shine the spotlight on the companies that enable the creation and delivery of all of that amazing content," says Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, editor of Streaming Media. “These companies are the ones that our editors and contributors have determined to be the cream of the crop—the most important, most innovative, and most influential companies providing streaming and OTT technologies, products, and services. Congratulations to all100 of them."

The list was carefully chosen by a ranking conducted by the Streaming Media editors and publishing team of all vendors in the streaming space, with the top 100 making the list.

For more information on our services, contact sales@encoding.com.

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