How Do You Finish Your Film? The First Feature: AMATEUR [Episode 8]

In this episode of our step-by-step podcast on how to get your first feature made, using my Netflix Film Amateur as a case study, we go through post-production.

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In Episode 8 we cover:

  • Moving from production into post-production.
  • How to maintain an ideal working relationship between director and editor.
  • What can you do in production that will make post easier?
  • How do you keep your film fresh after watching it hundreds of times?
  • How do you pick the perfect temp score?
  • What are the VFX and color grading processes like for an indie feature?
  • What is the value of a test screening?
  • When do you know you’re ready for a picture lock?

... and more.

If you have questions about the making of the Netflix Original Film Amateur — or about your own feature project — you can ask me at or find me on twitter @ryanbkoo.

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