How Great Screenwriters Hide Exposition in Plain Sight

Your screenplay's expositional scenes can be like a covert spy sneaking around undetected or a clever magician drawing your audience's eye with tricky sleight of hand.

Writing exposition is notoriously problematic, especially for new screenwriters. Many times, inexperienced (or just plain lazy) writers will unload necessary information in tediously clunky expositional scenes that feel more like homework than entertainment, leaving audiences bored and unengaged in the storytelling process. So, how do you make these kinds of scenes fun and interesting to watch? Well, in this video essay, Fandor's Philip Brubaker goes over how a handful of very clever professional screenwriters managed it with their screenplays, from Robert Towne with Chinatown, arguably the best script ever written, to Mike Meyers with Wayne's World 2, arguably the 2nd best Wayne's World script ever written.

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