How the ‘Honeypot’ Team Sped Up Production to Respond to Current Events

If your short deals with a timely subject, it must be made in a timely fashion.

Short films notoriously can take as long to make as features; with less money to throw at problems, the pace can be glacial. With her new short, photographer Jill Greenberg wanted to make a film that responded to recent news, and hustled to make it happen quickly.

Greenberg was inspired to make a short film on the abuses within the motion picture industry, focusing specifically on those people who might not have committed an abuse themselves, but who are complicit in supporting the system of abuse. When the Harvey Weinstein story broke, she dove into action, working with cinematographer Sarah Cawley (best known for Fay Grim and the pilot of Salem) to capture the truly nauseating events in record time.

"I think it was 10 days after we started that we shot."

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