How to Bypass 5 Common Composition Rules of Filmmaking

From neutral framing to the Rule of Thirds, filmmaking is full of compositional rules. Here's how to break 'em all.

Don't we all like to think of ourselves as creative cowboys and cowgirls. (Cowpeople? Nah, that's dumb.) We push the limits, take advantage of our freedom, and most of all, don't give two shits 'bout following the rules of no damn body. Here's the thing though, rules are pretty good. In filmmaking, rules like the Rule of Thirds and the 180-Degree Rule are achievable and repeatable standards that not only help to regulate the language of film but also help us to communicate as clearly as possible with our audiences.

But remember, we're creative cowpeople (whatever, I'm claiming it) and other than hearts, rules are our favorite things to break. So, in this video from Aputure, learn how to break five of the most common compositional rules in filmmaking and look good doing it.

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