How to Capture Great Footage No Matter What Camera You Shoot With

Cameras don't make movies. Filmmakers do.

We've all experienced gear envy, haven't we? We look at all of those sexy images of the latest and greatest cameras, lenses, and stabilizers and think, "Man, if I just had some nice gear like that, I could start making great films."

Straight up poppycock, you guys.

Though a lot of professional gear earns its high price tag by offering features that make images higher quality and easier to capture in difficult situations, they do not make images more "cinematic." Lots of new filmmakers either 1.) buy expensive gear believing it'll automatically translate into great filmmaking, or 2.) give up or put off filmmaking because they can't afford the "necessary" gear. However, Jordy Vandeput and the team over at Cinecom have made a video to show you how to make films regardless of what camera you're using, whether it's a 10-year-old SD SLR or your smartphone— or a Kidizoom Duo, a pink digital camera for kids.

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