Insta360 One X Revolutionizes the Action Camera

Insta360's new One X 360 degree action camera promises more freedom and creative possibilities.

Today, Insta360 has revolutionized the action camera game with its release of the One X, an ultra-portable consumer 360-degree action cam. Among the camera's features are a maximum resolution of 5.7k @ 30fps, gimbal-like internal stabilization, a purpose-built editing app that let's you shoot first & frame later, and a new TimeShift feature that allows you time to remap your footage for increased dynamism and creativity.

The Insta360 One X is a consumer action camera that hopes to find its way into the backpacks and camera bags of vloggers, action shooters, and creators on-the-go who want a simplified capture-and-publish workflow without having to offload and edit footage on a computer.

No Film School was fortunate enough to get a prototype to test out and here's what we found after a few days with the new camera.

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