Jellyfish Brings Easy Networking to Your Set and in Post

Shared storage has long been one of the latter complicated parts of filmmaking, and with Jellyfish, LumaForge makes it almost plug-and-play.

"Can I plug two computers into that hard drive?" It's a question that comes up surprisingly often with intermediate and even advanced filmmakers. The ability to have two or more computers and team members working on a shared set of media is useful on almost any sized production.

Unfortunately, it requires networked shared storage (generally referred to as a server) which costs tens of thousands of dollars. Even worse than the cost is the complication. For filmmakers used to Thunderbolt drives that just boot up on your desktop and that you can move from machine-to-machine, shared networking gets complicated fast, with bids that make no sense and with the requirement that you must set up a service contract to make sure it stays alive.

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