Product Test: The Insta360 is Hot, But is it Hot Enough to Make Us Care About 360° Video?

The Insta360 Is Set to Revolutionize 360° image capture, if we can wrap our heads around it.

"My wife has one of those. She loves it."

"A 360 camera?"
"No, an Instant pot!"

I was holding in my hands the Insta360, the hot new 360-degree camera that everyone was talking about, and of the two filmmakers who happened to be around while I was opening its shipping package, one was more impressed that it had been shipped over in a box that originally held an instant pot. The other bystander, an avowed 360 fan, was excited to play with it. We then tried to find a time in the next two weeks to get together and test it, and we couldn't.

Which isn't something I'm used to. If I get my hands on an early EVA1 or Ronin 2 or crazy LED light, people appear and want to play with it. The Insta360 was interesting, in that it is something that everyone I showed it to claimed they wanted to play with, but the effort wasn't really made.

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