Rental Houses Will Now Compete Online to Equip Your Project with ShareGrid PRO

Save 30-50% by having rental houses compete for a chance to provide your gear.

Three years ago, ShareGrid started an indie-style, peer-to-peer gear rental revolution that continues to this day, servicing seven cities, supporting over 45,000 members, managing more than $450 million worth of equipment, and saving renters sometimes considerable amounts of money on traditional rental costs. Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, the company formally announced the launch of ShareGrid PRO, its groundbreaking reimagining of the professional equipment rental market. Powered by patent-pending tech, ShareGrid PRO is a streamlined bid and book system that allows productions to solicit bids from over 20 local rental houses and then choose, book, and pay for the package they want without the logistical and clerical burdens that used to be an inescapable part of the process.

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