Shooting with 2 Different Cameras? Learn How to Color Match Them in Premiere Pro

Two different cameras, two different images.

Shooting with multiple cameras can be a real benefit for many reasons. Not only are you able to get more coverage of a single performance but you're able to be a little more efficient while working on set. However, using a multi-cam setup, particularly one that includes different camera models, almost always results in images that vary greatly in color, contrast, and quality, and while there's not a whole lot you can do to remedy the issue of quality, there are several post-production techniques you can employ to make your images look like they were all captured from the same camera.

In this Rocketstock tutorial, filmmaker Todd Blankenship walks you through his color matching process in Adobe Premiere Pro, showing you how to get a good baseline, match contrast, and apply LUTs to ensure all of your footage not only looks the same but also dynamic and eye-catching. Check it out below:

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