The Duplass Brothers and Seed&Spark are Providing $50K to Make a Feature Set in Your Hometown

Through their 'Hometown Heroes' initiative, the two indie stalwarts want you to put your home on the map.

In a commendable effort to discover and expand upon the wealth of cinematic stories being told, Seed&Spark and Mark and Jay Duplass are teaming up for another round of the Hometown Heroes crowdfunding competition. With New York and California often taking up a bulk of the "homegrown sights" portrayed on movie screens, this competition encourages filmmakers located outside of the world's largest cities to give their hometown their rightful due.

Launched last year, the worldwide initiative seeks to encourage filmmakers from underrepresented communities to pitch a film that's in some part centered around their hometown (with, if chosen, 75% of production taking place there as well).

New this year will be the acceptance of documentary work—last year was strictly a narrative-focused affair—and the pitches must conceivably be for a feature-length project. If selected, you could have the chance to receive $50,000 in funding and have the Duplass Brothers sign on as Executive Producers.

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