‘The Road Movie’: Dmitrii Kalashnikov on Crafting an Insane Dashcam-Shot Feature

Where they're going, they don't need roads.

Try to picture a voyeuristic video camera that gleefully records the following: a bear that attempts to outrun a car, a car that runs into an unsuspecting cow, two gentlemen who solicit prostitutes one late evening, two men who get into a fistfight, two men in awe as they observe a blinding meteoroid descending from the sky, a mentally disturbed man holding on to the hood of a car as the driver freaks out and starts to speed away (with the man still attached to the hood), road-raging drivers who get out of their car to intimidate and subsequently shoot at people, a moment of group vandalization while stuck in traffic, and lest I forget, numerous cars veering and ultimately sliding off roads. If you can imagine these visuals in your head, Dmitrii Kalashnikov's The Road Movie will still shock and surprise you. If you can't, Kalashnikov is determined to make you a believer.

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