Upgraded Zoom H1 Makes it Easy to Capture Audio On the Go

This pocket-sized recorder boasts new major features.

Like its predecessor (the H1), the newly overhauled, entry-level H1n from Zoom provides professional audio recording capabilities wherever you go. With a small, sleek design that allows the H1n to fit in your pocket, it's easy to access and doesn't take up too much room.

The one-touch button controls allow you to implement filters and adjust your levels. It's much more user-friendly than having to scroll through a menu in order to find parameters and change settings. The built-in tone and slate generators make calibrating H1n & camera levels simple while allowing you to sync recordings in post.

As with other Zoom products, you can expect professional level quality from the H1n. Its X/Y stereo mics, allowing recordings of up to 24 bit at 96k, means you're not sacrificing quality for portability. Other additions include a large, 1.25" monochromatic screen that's easy to see in bright light, and one-button access to sound processing controls like a limiter and low-cut filter.

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