Using Video Across the 5 Stages of Awareness- Most Aware

Whew! You did it. You’ve nurtured your prospect all the way to purchase and your product offering is sealed, signed, and delivered to the newest addition on your customer list. They are now at the Most Aware stage of the awareness funnel. What now?

After taking a moment to relish in your success, and rightly so, consider what next steps your new customer will likely experience on their journey with your brand.

You can use this opportunity to provide status quo materials to make sure they get just what they need to use the offering they’ve purchased. Or…. you could take that up a notch by providing them video content that gets them up to speed quickly in an engaging way, while also providing more personalized touches with you brand with video content.

This video content can  put a face to your brand name and allows your newest customers to form a deeper more fruitful relationship long term with your company.

Before jumping into how video can to create the connection with your customer you’ve been yearning for, let’s back up a bit to be sure we understand our contacts level of awareness. I’ll give you hint, they are MOST aware.


The Five levels of Awareness Established by Eugene Schwartz

In case you missed any of our previous posts about using video across the Five Levels of Awareness, here is a reminder of the levels and links to our posts about using video at each level.

The five levels of awareness are as follows:

  • Unaware – Consumers are unaware they have a problem or a need
  • Problem Aware– Consumers are aware they have a problem and are looking for a solution
  • Solution Aware – Consumers are looking for proof that the solution works
  • Product Aware – Help consumers decide to buy your product
  • Most Aware – They’ve purchased! Aid consumers in next steps (this post!)

Most Aware – They’ve purchased! Aid consumers in next steps

In this stage of awareness, we have the opportunity to turn our new customers into brand advocates to are excited about keeping a connection with your brand and are excited to brag to others about the relationship they’ve just started.

Let’s explore a few ways your team could start making these connections.

All onboarding is not created equal.

For starters, according to Experian’s white paper on email marketing, welcome emails have 4 times the open rate and 5 times the click rate of any other type of email that’s being sent.

This is when customers are most excited to get to know you and your offerings, so my advice? Give them what they need in order to build deep trust and understanding within this newly formed relationship.

This is not the time to bury the lead, make them drudge through content to get to know the real you and what makes your product work, or leave any key information for later.

Present the facts in a real, straight to the point, let’s really get to know each other in a quicker and engaging way… with video.

Provide tutorial videos allow users to push play on the elements they really need to know, so that they can get up and running quickly.

Tutorial topics should be focused and offered through as many touch points as possible at the start of this relationship.

Don’t just link to your tutorials in your receipt, but create a video onboarding series that can be presented via email within the first two weeks.

Perhaps your product is quick and easy and only requires one video. Or perhaps you need one video to get them into the product and using it, but inspiration based tutorials are required in the coming weeks to turn them from a user into a rockstar user.

Whatever the case may be, delivered these must-know snippets via video tutorials.


Newsletter are a great way to provide continual bits of helpful and inspiring content to your subscribers and customers on a continual cadence.

Video content should be a key component of that regular content of course, but a great way to humanize your brand is to add a human element to your regular newsletter with videos.

Personally say hello and do a roundup of what’s included in each newsletter through a quick video. Use that time to let your most engaged audience in on any exclusive news.

Our direct marketing specialist implemented introduction videos into our newsletter content last year and if you’re wondering about the results:

  • The overall newsletter click through rate was up over 3 percent.
  • the letter from the editor video received more clicks than any other piece of newsletter content that year (2016).
  • We gained 4 times more subscribers to our YouTube Channel on the day she released the first letter from the editor video than we do on a normal day.

Humanize your brand

Once your customer is on their way to being a rockstar user, make sure you’re providing brand experiences that delight them, and let them get to know the real you on a regular cadence as well.

This is the type of touch that makes a customer excited to be on your team as a user and more likely to tell their friends they should be giving you a look.

Simply put, putting faces to your brand creates empathy and a deeper connection because humans connect with humans, not logos.

Wondering where to start? Be yourself, but capture a bit of that magic on video and share it with those in your network.

Here’s an example of Team TechSmith giving our network a peek behind the curtain by introducing our employees to our customers.



Share campaigns results through videos

In the end, no matter how you’re using video or what campaigns you’re launching, you’ll need to showcase and share the results to your team. Use video here, too!

Showcasing stats, campaign results, and other analytical content should be done using video by emailing a screencast that explains your data to provide viewers with the context they need with a human touch.

Remember, the goal is to reach the right consumer, with the right content to match their awareness level, at the right time.

Doing so with video ensures that you’re doing everything in your power to keep consumers engaged with your brand along their customer journey. Ready to start making some videos? Check out our two part series on How to Make a Video – Part 1 and Part 2.

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