Watch: Michael Haneke and the Illusions of Cinematic Reality

It's never been this fun to examine the Austrian director's grim cinematic realities.

The Michael Haneke quote opening the below video from Channel Criswell's Lewis Bond serves as a strong summation of the director's view of cinema: "It is the duty of art to ask questions, not provide answers. And if you want a clearer answer, I'll have to pass."

From The Seventh Continent to Caché (and perhaps his best known American release, the English language remake of Funny Games), Haneke has never pandered to his audience. His work features some of the grimmest aspects of modern life in the West, prompting detractors to claim it verges on the sadistic. Bond argues however that Haneke isn't the one to blame. The films are a sustained critique of the truism that "film is truth."

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