What is Script Coverage? (with Script Coverage Examples)

Given how many scripts there are out there, how do people decide which ones to read? Script coverage.

There’s nothing more satisfying than typing “Fade Out,” but how do you know if your script is any good?

Each year thousands of people turn to script coverage services to get read. Who reads them? What are they looking for? Welcome to understanding script coverage.

Today we’re going to learn how to write script coverage, we'll grab a script coverage template, plus get some tips as to how you can entertain the person doing your script coverage.

Let’s fade in on this topic.

What is Script Coverage?

Script coverage is an assignment given to script readers. Coverage is a document they prepare that summarizes your screenplay and gives the company advice on how to proceed with it. Script coverage is standard all over Hollywood. Agencies, management companies, production companies, and contests all use script coverage.

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