When Consumers are Product Aware, Use Videos to Seal the Deal

Hooray! Your target consumer is product aware and browsing your product page and seemingly moments away from clicking “Buy Now”!

However, it’s not time to celebrate….YET.

Instead, you should be using videos to double down and provide validation that they’ve found the one. That is, the product or service that’s going to be the solution they’ve been searching for.

Consumers that view videos of products during the purchasing process are 85 percent more likely to buy. That’s just one obvious reason to include videos on your product pages, but there are other types of video that can help to ensure that product-less consumer makes the switch to customer by clicking that “Buy Now” button.

Before we get into the details, let’s take a step back and review the awareness journey and what we’ve covered so far in previous blog posts.

The Five levels of Awareness 

In previous blog posts, we’ve covered several of the Five Levels of Awareness by Eugene Schwartz. You can read his book called Breakthrough Advertising to learn more of the details on the Levels of Awareness approach. In this post, we’re up to Product Aware, but let’s recap first and read about the previous levels of awareness and how video fits each of them:

Unaware – Consumers are unaware they have a problem or a need
Problem Aware – Know they have a problem and are looking for a solution
Solution Aware – Consumers are looking for proof that the solution works
• Product Aware – Help consumers decide to buy your product
• Most Aware – They’ve purchased! Aid consumers in next steps

Product Aware – Help consumers decide to buy your product

In this stage of awareness, we carry the leads we’ve generated and nurtured throughout each level of awareness across the finish line.

This is where we really let our products and services step into the limelight. Go ahead and showcase those features, provide that rotating 360 view of your product, and let those customer testimonials that mention the products and features by name shine.

Here are a few ways you can use video to accomplish your goals within the Product Aware stage:


1) Put your segment-specific customer testimonials to work

Customer testimonial videos work to provide that last bit of approval purchasers need before making the leap from lead to customer.

These testimonials should highlight the specifics of how your offering solved your future customer’s problem and showcase validating proof points that your product or service is the key to success.

If at all possible, have the star of your success story provide actual data points about how your product or service saved time, saved money, or increased overall output.

Additionally, having a customer authentically spell out how great your customer service is post-sale is an excellent way to seal the deal.

When gathering content onsite with your customers to create video testimonials, remember that you’ll need B-roll footage, and ask enough questions to tell their transition story with then and now type insight.

Keep in mind that your final testimonial video should only be 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, but you can always use the rest of the content you’ve captured to build out a longer case study for your sales team to put to work later.

Here’s an example of a completed segment specific customer success story featuring how Camtasia is used to develop training content.


2) Product Overview Videos

If you don’t have a product overview video on your product webpage or in the store cart, you’re missing out.

Allow people to double check their selection with a re-confirming, pre-purchase video they can watch during this final process.

These videos should be quick and reassuring. Aim to highlight key points or high level features and reaffirm that their purchase will get the job done. Then, get out of their way so they can make their way through the cart.


3) Personalized Videos

If you’re generating leads for B2B sales, a great way to have your sales team add a personal touch is to include a personalized video in their emails or an introductory video in their email signature.

This allows consumers to put a face to your brand name and it allows you to showcase your personality and expertise in an engaging way. Plus, it provides statistics so you know if a lead watched an entire video or even watched a video multiple times.

Use this data driven feedback to score leads so that your sales team is spending their valuable time on those most likely to convert.

Remember, the goal is to reach the right consumer, with the right content to match their awareness level, at the right time.

Doing so with video ensures that you’re doing everything in your power to keep consumers engaged with your brand along their customer journey.

Ready to dive in? Check out our two-part series on How to Make a Video – Part 1 and Part 2.

One more stage to go…

This post is the fourth in a series of blog posts that will talk through each level of awareness and how video can be used to guide consumers throughout each stage. Be sure to catch all five by subscribing to our blog so posts are delivered right to your inbox! Next up? What videos are most effective when leads are most aware and how you can use video post sale to on-board customers while also turning them into vocal advocates of your products and services.

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