Why the Flies Collective Wants to Give You $15K for Your Film

Have a great film project that just doesn't fit into traditional funding parameters? Here's how a group of filmmakers might help you out!

The Flies Collective is a production company and storytelling collaborative, including the likes of Daniel Patrick Carbone, Matthew Petock, Zachary Zedd, and Jordan Bailey-Hoover. They make films. They are also offering a grant for the second year in a row so you can make films, too.

"Like most filmmakers, we split our time between our passion projects and the work that pays the bills," Flies Collective told No Film School. "We’ve been fortunate in both areas and collectively realized a while back that we wanted to do more to support the work of other independent filmmakers. We thought financially supporting projects in need was the most direct way we could have a tangible impact on filmmakers we believe in. So many people have helped us over the past decade, from sage advice, to donated meals, to crew members working for no pay — looking back, it’s pretty amazing how much of a family our little filmmaking community is. We wanted to do our part to help foster the work of others in the family."

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